Kennet river ride from Aldermaston to Reading – full travel, speedrun and best moments | Timelapse | Journey Highlights

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Riding along the Kennet River from Aldermaston to Reading offers a picturesque journey with several interesting places along the way. I did the ride by bike and it takes about 1.5 to 2 hours (depending on the speed) and it’s full of relaxing and enchanting sceneries. Here’s a list of some noteworthy spots you might encounter:

– Aldermaston Wharf: Start your journey in Aldermaston, a village known for Aldermaston Court and the Atomic Weapons Establishment. The wharf is a hub for narrowboat activity.
– Theale: As you ride towards Reading, you’ll pass through Theale, a charming village with a historic church and Theale Green Recreation Ground.
– Sulhamstead: This village is known for its beautiful parish church, St. Mary’s Church, and nearby Sulhamstead House.
– Tutts Clump: Look out for Tutts Clump, a small hamlet with an interesting history and possibly a place to stop for a break.
– Ufton Nervet: This picturesque village has a historic church, St. Peter’s, and is known for the nearby Ufton Court, a Tudor manor house.
– Burghfield: This large village has several historical buildings, including St. Mary’s Church, and is surrounded by scenic countryside.
– Fobney Lock: A lock along the Kennet River, providing a nice spot to observe the functioning of the lock system.
– Kennet and Avon Canal Museum: Located in Devizes, this museum might not be directly on your route but is dedicated to the history of the Kennet and Avon Canal, providing interesting insights into the waterway you’re riding along.
– Southcote: A suburb of Reading, Southcote has Southcote Manor, a historic building with beautiful grounds.
Reading: Your journey concludes in Reading, a bustling town with a rich history. Explore Reading Abbey, the Forbury Gardens, and the Oracle Shopping Centre.


An interesting fact, there are quite a few cool-looking locks along the Kennet River. The stretch of the Kennet and Avon Canal from Aldermaston Wharf to Reading includes several locks. Below is a list of locks you would encounter along this route:
– Aldermaston Lock (Lock 91): Located near Aldermaston Wharf, this is the starting point for your journey.
– Woolhampton Lock (Lock 92): Progressing southeast, you’ll reach
– Heales Lock (Lock 93): Following Woolhampton Lock, you’ll come across Heales Lock.
– Padworth Lock (Lock 94): Continuing along the canal, Padworth Lock is the next lock on your route.
– Garston Lock (Lock 95): As you move closer to Reading, you’ll encounter Garston Lock.
– Southcote Lock (Lock 96): This lock is located in the vicinity of Southcote, a suburb of Reading.
– Fobney Lock (Lock 97): Further downstream, you’ll reach Fobney Lock.
– Blakes Lock (Lock 98): As you approach Reading, Blakes Lock is the last lock on this part of the Kennet and Avon Canal. Please note that the Kennet and Avon Canal has a total of 105 locks, and the locks listed here represent only a portion of the entire canal system. Each lock serves the purpose of managing water levels to allow boats to navigate changes in elevation along the canal route.

Remember that the charm of such a journey lies not only in the major landmarks but also in the tranquil stretches of the riverbank, the quaint villages, and the natural beauty along the way.

Enjoy your ride!

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