Route Fuel Price Calculator

How it works

NOTE: This application allows 10 calls per user per day.
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In the first field (START) begin typing a post code or an address and the page will auto-generate a set of addresses to choose from. This will be the starting point of the jurney.

Second field (VIA) is optional and works the same way. It's an intermediary (detour) point of the jurney, in case you need it.

The last field (END) works the same and is the ending point of the jurney.

Press "GO" and the page will determine the shortest route between the chosen markers and calculate the price for it.

In the admin area you specify your fuel price per km. which will be used to calculate the total jurney cost and all the info will be displayed on the map front screen.

Another great option is that there is a different price for a different currency that will be used if all the route/jurney falls inside a certain country (which has that currency).