Wordpress plugins

We created some original wordpress plugins

This plugin automatically creates (duplicates) the post that you are currently adding on another website. 

When you click the “Publish” button, the post will automatically be created as well on the remote domain, which you specify in the plugin’s settings. 

The plugin has 2 modes: “Source” and “Destination”. The “Source” version needs to be installed on the “main” site – where you publish the articles. Then you install this plugin on the remote website too and choose the “Destination” mode. 

Note: make sure on the remote domain you add the same token that is generated in the “Source” domain. 

– It works with the Classic and Gutenberg editors.
 – It duplicates categories too. It just needs a quick categories mapping between the two websites, which is done in the plugin’s settings.
 – At the moment it doesn’t duplicate the featured image (but it’s planned for the next versions). 

 The plugin is at its first version, but it works fine with the specified features.

 I will add more options that I find useful or if I receive enhancement ideas from the users.