Best must-have GIMP plugins for everyday use

January 31, 2024 by


As we all know, GIMP has had quite a few updates and it slowly becomes almost an industry standard, adding – besides the sweetness that it’s completely free and open source – the fact that it is more and more robust and full of useful features, almost matching the top of the market applications at the moment.

Of course, it can’t be at the same level as the product made by highly paid teams of developers, but being open-source has its counter advantages, that the whole world of developers can jump in at any time and help the software development or even create independent plugins that enhance the existing features with new and interesting options and tool.

This is what I want to list here, in my humble opinion, some of the most useful plugins that complement the out-of-the-box GIMP installation and are needed in our daily graphical editing activity or even on some special occasions. Here they are:

BIMP – Apply GIMP manipulations to groups of images.

In other words, Bath image editing has many options/manipulations, like Resize, Crop, Flip and rotate, Blurring and sharpening, Color (and curve) correction, Watermark, Rename, Change compression and format and many more.

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