How to add more channels to the Blender VSE Sequencer

May 26, 2023 by


This is valid for Blender from version 2.8 until the current ones. The old versions were limited to 32 channels, but from ver. 3.0 they increased that to a maximum of 128 channels, which is a great improvement.

So, in reality, you don’t have to add any channels, because there are a lot of them already there.

The way to see and access all the channels is you can scale the y scale as you would do in viewport (zoom in and out) using CTRL+ middle-mouse-button.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If it doesn’t work and you can’t see them by default, the view will often seem limited ‘to 7, 8 to 10 channels if ‘View’ > ‘Limit view to contents’ is checked.

Once deselected, you should be able to see as many channels as you like.

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