Blender – best options to export as GLTF/GLB format

February 21, 2024 by


This small post is especially for those who want to use Blender in conjunction with or to integrate 3D models into the world of WebGL or Three.js. One of the best formats to use in this case is the GLTF or GLB (its more archived version).

Blender has full support for this and it’s one of the best tools to use for repairing, smoothing and generally editing any type of 3D model format that is importable in Blender so then to be able to easily export it as GLTF which is the default or most popular model format for Three.js.


  • Tick Visible Objects in case in your Blender Collection tree you have some objects that you want to keep as backup, so you duplicate them and then HIDE them. In this case you need this option so they are kept out of the GLB exported file.
  • Something makes a big difference in the exported file size. Sometimes it’s 15 MB and sometimes 2GB. It seems like when you tick “Mesh > Apply Modifiers” it has the lowest size, while keeping all the details.

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